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HOW IT WORKS - 3D Virtual Tours


Determine a time that will work for you and/or your client. You can book directly through this website by clicking 'Book Now' at the bottom of the page. 


Choose a plan that works best for you. Are you looking to have a property scanned? Looking to showcase an art exhibit? We base our plans on the size of your space so please be sure to choose the plan that matches the square footage of your space. 


Once you have determined the time and type of job we will go out to the location and fully scan the space! This could take up to 3 hours depending on the size of the space. 


Upon completion, we will begin processing the scan which includes deriving the floor plan, HDR images, automated playable walkthrough, room labels, and virtual tags for highlighting the details of your space. 


We will then publish the 3D Virtual Tour and send it to you for all your marketing needs. You will be able to share your new virtual tour on all social media accounts and embed the tour on any website that you have. Should you need something edited it can be done at any time!


Each virtual tour will be hosted on our cloud for a maximum of 150 days. Should you need the tour to last for longer we charge a hosting fee of $15/mo until you don't need the tour any longer. 

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