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Preparation for Successful Media Shoot

Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for choosing Airs Cloud Media for your real estate media needs. To ensure the best possible outcome for your media package, we recommend following these steps to prepare your property:


  • Turn on all interior and exterior lights, including lamps and overhead fixtures.

  • Open all blinds, curtains, and shades to let in natural light. Natural light enhances the warmth and appeal of your property.

Decluttering & Cleaning:

  • Remove unnecessary clutter and personal items from surfaces and floors. Clear countertops, tables, and shelves.

  • Clean windows and glass surfaces for a crystal-clear view. Sparkling windows allow for stunning views in photos and videos.


  • Arrange furniture to highlight the flow and spaciousness of rooms.

  • Make beds and fluff pillows for a neat and inviting look.

  • Ensure that all appliances are clean and free of clutter.


  • Tidy up outdoor spaces, including gardens, patios, and decks.

  • Sweep walkways and remove any debris.

  • Ensure that the exterior of the property is well-maintained and presentable.

Additional Tips:

  • If applicable, have the pool cleaned and free of debris.

  • Remove vehicles from driveways and visible parking areas.

  • Consider seasonal decor to enhance the ambiance (e.g., cozy fireplace in winter, blooming flowers in spring).

Why Preparation Matters:

Taking these steps to prepare your property will not only enhance the quality of the media package but also contribute to a successful marketing campaign. Well-lit, clutter-free spaces allow potential buyers or viewers to envision themselves living in the property. It sets the stage for stunning visuals that will capture the attention of your target audience.

Thank you for your attention to these details. We look forward to creating exceptional media content for your property!

Warm regards,

Airs Cloud Media

505-795-0517 |

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